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Why? Because men, women and couples “on the go” have lots of good reasons to plan in advance. Whether your retirement calendar is filled with going to church, enjoying a cruise, dancing or golfing, joining friends for dinner, taking in a concert or a sporting event or taking your grandkids to a movie, you want to remain financially able to maintain your active lifestyle. Unfortunately, lack of thorough retirement planning can keep retirees from enjoying the lifestyle they desire. Individuals who have neglected to plan eventually realize they are facing financial consequences that might have been easily avoided. Maintaining their standard of living and the financial independence to continue their active lifestyle is what motivates many of our devoted clients to use the services of KC Financial Advisors.

Why? Because for years, you've paid into your retirement plan, and now you need a strategy for your retirement plan to pay you. For decades you've worked hard and planned well to accumulate a substantial nest egg for retirement. As you approach your goal of retirement, your investment strategy has to shift from accumulation to distribution. Unless you're a professional pension manager, this can be an extremely difficult change to make, which is why we designed a special strategy for aspiring retirees to receive income in retirement - a strategy known as “SIIPS.”

Our Structured Income and Inheritance Planning Strategy (SIIPS) is designed to provide you with a personally-tailored retirement income stream that you cannot outlive while creating a legacy for your loved ones with what you leave behind.

The number one fear of many retirees is the possibility of running out of money. Our goal is for clients to sleep well at night knowing that their planning has resulted in reliable retirement income for the rest of their lives.

Why? Because protecting your wealth means so much more when you're the one who worked hard to earn it. Many retirees and aspiring retirees who have accumulated a large estate appreciate the advice we offer. These are regular folks like you who didn't win the lottery or inherit a fortune – they created wealth the old fashioned way through decades of hard work and sacrifice. Whether you're a small business owner or professional, worked for a large employer accumulating company stock, worked as a contractor, or have served to protect our country or local community, we understand how important it is to protect your wealth, lower your tax liability and properly structure your estate.

Our wealth protection and tax saving strategies were specifically designed for you, the “millionaire next door,” because at this point, it's no longer all about how much you make - it's more about how much you keep.

Why? Because many single and widowed retirees want to take care of themselves and do not want to become a burden to their families or friends if disability strikes.

Pride, hard work and family values define these folks. They took care and continue to take care of others and have no interest in someone ever taking care of them.

It's for this special group of people we developed our newest planning technique, Wealth Control. Working with a specialized trust created by a contributing law firm, we can use “the least amount of money possible” to solve the long-term care concern.

If this plan is never used for long-term care, the accrued value of the plan is passed on to heirs, 100 percent tax free.*

This trust may be much more suitable for your situation than the purchase of long-term care insurance, since if you don't need or use long-term care insurance, the value of all the premium payments is lost with your death.

*This material has been prepared for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for, tax or accounting advice. Please consult with a professional specializing in these areas regarding the applicability of this information to your situation.

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