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In an ever-changing climate of financial challenges, retirement can be an increasingly complex puzzle. How do you enjoy retirement to the fullest without constantly worrying about outliving your money? Peace of mind comes in the assurance of knowing that your retirement savings will provide for you and your family, and allow you to live comfortably throughout retirement.

Traditionally, financial planning has been focused on rate of return, risk and reward analysis and ultimately, the creation of a suitable plan geared toward accomplishing a client's goals. While our Complete Planning Review (CPR) certainly incorporates those important aspects of planning, it also includes critical components that may have been left untouched. Through our sound and straight-forward planning process, our professionals seek first to clarify your values and understand your concerns. Working with you, we then design a solution that addresses YOUR individual needs and retirement goals. This personalized approach is what affords our clients the financial security and peace of mind they deserve in retirement, getting them one step closer to making their retirement dreams a reality.

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Please take a moment to explore the areas of most interest to you:

  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Income Maximization
  • IRA & 401(k) Rollovers
  • Safe Money Solutions
  • Estate Preservation 
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Long Term Care Strategies
  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance
  • Tax Preparation and Planning

Wealth Accumulation

Our structured approach to investing starts with ensuring your income and liquidity needs are met. From there, we can then shift our focus to further increasing wealth through our unique investment strategies.

Given the stage of life most of our clients are in and the erratic nature of today’s markets, we believe that loss prevention is just as important as return maximization. That’s why we use strategies that have a measurable track record of growing wealth while protecting capital from significant market downturns.  These strategies do not rely on market timing or traditional asset allocation, and are not buy and hold strategies.  We believe history has shown that these traditional approaches are inherently flawed. Instead, the investment strategies we employ for our clients seek to balance maximizing returns with minimizing losses in all types of market conditions: bull markets, bear markets and flat market cycles alike.

For example, one such strategy utilizes a hedged equity strategy that mathematically minimizes large losses in your portfolio in combination with a proprietary monthly trading strategy to generate small amounts of income.  It’s track record demonstrates it to be a proven and systematic approach to outperform the market over a complete market cycle while reducing overall investment risk.

Whether or not one or a strategic mix of several of these strategies are right for you will depend on your individual goals and circumstances, and can only be determined through a careful evaluation of your situation by a licensed professional. We often combine several unique strategies so that our clients have a fighting chance in today’s new economy.

Income Maximization

Never before has the dream of retirement been so threatened. Today, medical advancements have afforded us with a longer yet more uncertain retirement. What’s more, company pension plans and benefits that once provided security in retirement are becoming obsolete. Add to that the state of our country’s Social Security system, ever-rising healthcare costs, sustained market volatility, the threat of inflation, and the likelihood of higher taxes, and today’s retiree is left with the daunting challenge of how to enjoy retirement to the fullest without constantly worrying about running out of money. Now more than ever, retirees need the help of a qualified professional to help set a course to discovering peace of mind.

For years, many have relied on a widely accepted rule of thumb of simply being able to live on a 4% annual withdraw from their accounts throughout retirement. However, as a leading financial services firm’s study shows*, it’s questionable whether this strategy can be relied on in today's market.

Using cutting-edge strategies and the best retirement income solutions available today (solutions most advisors and firms do not know about or have access to), we can set a course to a dependable, secure paycheck for you in retirement while you maintain control of your money and access to capital when you need it. We are specially equipped with state-of-the-art software and tools to give you the very best vantage point on retirement planning.

*”Dismal Decade Offers Cautionary Lessons for Retirees.” T. Rowe Price Report Issue No. 110, Winter 2011: 16. Print.

IRA & 401(k) Rollover Strategies

When you change jobs or retire, there are four things you can generally do with the assets in any employer-sponsored retirement plan:

  • Leave the money where it is
  • Take the cash (and pay income taxes and perhaps a 10 percent additional federal tax if you are younger than age 59½)
  • Transfer the money to another employer plan (if the new plan allows)
  • Roll the money over into an IRA

Rolling over from one qualified plan to another qualified plan allows your money to continue growing tax-deferred until you receive distributions in retirement. We can help you determine if a rollover is the right move for you.

If you decide to rollover your 401(k), 403(b) or other work related retirement plan to an IRA, we can help you decide on a suitable investment strategy to help you reach your retirement income goals.

IRA accounts have become one of the largest types of assets inherited by beneficiaries. If you don’t anticipate needing your IRA money in retirement, you may wish to consider a legacy planning strategy that potentially reduces taxes and potentially increases the payout your beneficiaries will receive upon your death.

You may want to use some of the value in your IRA to provide your beneficiaries a regular stream of income while leaving the balance of IRA assets invested for tax-deferred growth. The result may yield substantially more money paid out over the course of your beneficiaries’ lifetimes. We can help you evaluate your financial situation to determine if IRA legacy planning could help you meet your goal of structuring a long-lasting inheritance for your beneficiaries.

Safe Money Solutions

The most catastrophic mistakes retirees and even other advisors make today is not employing a strategy that minimizes or eliminates losses due to market fluctuations and other risk factors. Often, as we age, the damage done by losing money on our retirement assets is compounded in retirement due to a shortened time horizon.
Consider this: If you invested $100,000 into a mutual fund that experienced a 20 percent loss, you would lose $20,000. The account value on your next statement would be $80,000.



























Question: For you to get your statement balance back to $100,000 what percentage gain would get you there? Most might assume 20 percent. Let's crunch the numbers.

Answer: No, a 20 percent loss followed by a 20% gain does not get you back to $100,000. In fact, to regain your entire loss in this example, you will need to get a 25% return. The lesson learned here is that you must always have a higher percentage gain to make up for a loss -- and that's never easy.

What's more, losses are often further exaggerated when withdrawals (such as for retirement income or emergencies) must be taken from these accounts as their value is dropping, making it even more difficult to ever fully recover from a significant loss in retirement.

Like a life preserver for your retirement accounts, our safe money solutions can help minimize or even eliminate market losses from your accounts while still providing the potential for upside growth using market-linked earnings. For many, it truly is the best of both worlds -- some of the gains without the losses. Contact us today to learn more about the eye-opening options that you may have never knew existed.

Estate Preservation

What will happen to your family legacy when you're gone? Ensuring that your children and designated beneficiaries inherit the wealth you've created is important. But without proper planning and professional guidance, much of your hard-earned family legacy may end up in the hands of the IRS rather than your beneficiaries. Taking the necessary steps today can help alleviate the burden to your family down the road. The first step involves looking at the entire picture in terms of the following three objectives:

Control: The greatest challenge for most people is deciding how they want their estate to pass at their death. But if you don't decide who gets what, the state will! A properly written estate plan insures your wishes are carried out.

 If not structured properly, a sizable portion of your estate may be lost to taxes and settlement costs. Utilizing the appropriate strategies today can help keep your estate intact at your death.

 If money is not readily available for your heirs to pay final expenses and settlement costs, they may be forced to sell your assets at undesirable prices and these transactions can also result in unfavorable tax treatment for your heirs.

Beneficiary Designations:  If your accounts already have accurate beneficiary designations that describe who inherits these accounts when you die, then “congratulations”, you are half way there! But we often see some beneficiaries inadvertently left out of inheritance due to a very unfortunate yet easily correctable oversight. Click on this link to get a better understanding of this key risk and how to avoid it.

Contact us today to learn more about our wealth transfer strategies and how you can have confidence in knowing your family legacy will continue.

We share an office with Dickens Law, LLC. Looking for advice on estate planning, wills and trusts, or suspected fraud? Visit their website to read more about their services and specialties.

Wills and Trusts

Planning how you want your affairs handled during difficult times can often be a confusing and daunting task. One of the questions we hear most often is “Do I need a will or a trust?” What’s more, having these documents in place is no longer enough. With continually changing estate planning laws as well as the changes life in general brings over time, it’s important to have these documents reviewed regularly and updated as necessary.

We offer a FREE one-hour trust or will review with a licensed, independent estate planning attorney. If you do not have either of these documents, use the free hour to discuss whether one or both of these documents are right for your estate plan.

Click here
 to request a FREE consultation and let our professionals help you customize an estate plan that is specific to your situation and designed to meet your needs.

KC Financial Advisors shares an office with Dickens Law, LLC, which specializes in wills and trusts, estate planning and financial fraud litigation. Read more about our attorneys' experience and their drive to serve you and your family in the best way possible.

Medical Emergencies

Planning how you want your affairs handled during a health crisis is often a scenario that most would prefer to not even think about. However, not addressing these important decisions today will almost certainly lead to more challenges for your loved ones down the road during an already difficult time. A properly structured living will, advance health care directive and/or power of attorney can make all the difference.

Our licensed, independent estate planning professionals can help you determine which of these documents may be right for you. Click here to request a FREE consultation to discuss these and any other estate planning matters you may have.

Long-Term Care Strategies

As the oldest baby boomers begin to wind through their 60s, one of the biggest concerns may not be outliving income, but outliving good health.

For retirees, home health care can cost $50,000 or more per year1, and nursing home care can run as high as $80,0002 per year. Does your retirement income strategy account for this kind of possibility? Would you be prepared for twice that amount as a married couple?

Considering that you could have to reduce your financial means before Medicaid will pay for long-term care and neither your employer group health insurance nor major medical insurance will cover long-term care, you may want to consider planning ahead for these potential expenses.

We can help evaluate your situation and determine if purchasing a long-term care insurance policy may be the right move to help you feel confident in your financial future.

1 Genworth 2012 Cost of Care Survey: Home Care Providers, Adult Day Health Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes
2 MetLife: The 2011 Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs


Today, many workers will reach retirement without the benefit of a company pension. The majority of the burden for retirement income seems to have shifted to the individual. For this reason, you may want to consider a guaranteed* fixed income component to your retirement strategy. In short, adding an annuity may be an opportunity to help ensure a portion of your retirement income will be guaranteed.* An annuity is a contract you purchase from an insurance company. For the premium you pay, you receive certain fixed and/or variable interest crediting options able to compound tax deferred until withdrawn. When you are ready to receive income distributions, this vehicle offers a variety of guaranteed* payout options.

Annuities can be complicated financial contracts, and you need an indpendent advisor to help you understand what type might best help you accomplish your goals. Click here to contact us for a free, no obligation discussion of whether an annuity might be right for you.

*Annuity guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Annuities are insurance products that may be subject to fees, surrender charges and holding periods which vary by carrier. Annuities are not FDIC insured.

Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t for those who have died — it's for those who are left behind. When shopping for life insurance, consider needs such as replacing income so your family can maintain its standard of living, as well as paying for your funeral and estate costs. A general rule is that you may want to seek coverage between five and seven times your gross annual income. As far as the various types of policies go, they can generally be placed into one of two categories: term and permanent.

Term insurance generally provides coverage for a specified period of time and pays out a specified amount of coverage to your beneficiaries only if you die within that time period. In a level premium term policy, you pay the same amount of premium from the first day of the policy until the term ends. A permanent insurance policy, on the other hand, will stay permanently in effect for the rest of your life, as long as premiums continue to be paid. One is not necessarily better than the other. We'll be happy to help you think through the issues and find a good fit.

Tax Preparation

Taxes....this often overlooked area can have a dramatic impact on your retirement. Many times, fine tuning your tax savings can make an even bigger difference than the best investment advice you could hope for. As the old saying goes, "It's not how much you make, but how much you keep!"

We recognize that for many people, tax laws can be both confusing and overwhelming. Yet, finding ways to minimize your tax burden can make all the difference. Our tax professionals will help you get every dollar you deserve, both at tax time and all year long. And with our low, flat-rate tax preparation fee, you'll keep even more of what's yours.

Through our stream-lined tax preparation process and operational efficiencies, our retirement planning clients enjoy a flat, low-rate tax preparation fee of only $120* a year.

What's more, as a way to get to know us and what we can do for you, we offer this same discounted $120* rate for a limited number of non-retirement planning clients for the first two years of tax preparation. After that, if we haven't earned your business as a retirement planning client we'll continue to prepare your taxes for our regular price of only $200.*

*Must be 55 or older to qualify. Applies only to individual tax returns (IRS Form 1040 and applicable Schedules). Certain exclusions and restrictions may apply such as additional charges for overly complex returns. Contact us for additional details.

Tax Planning

Taxes can take a huge bite out of your investment returns. With so much of people’s retirement savings in tax-deferred plans like traditional IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and others, having a plan for minimizing the taxes on these accounts is crucial for today’s retiree. Next to market volatility, there’s likely not a single bigger drain on your wealth than the taxes that can be incurred on these accounts either during your lifetime or at your passing.

If your advisor is not a certified public accountant (CPA), we believe he or she should be working hand-in-hand with a CPA or tax advisor to devise investment strategies that legally minimize the taxes that are paid to your least favorite uncle – Uncle Sam.

Have you ever wondered whether a Roth conversion is right for you? Are you aggravated by having to pay tax on your Social Security income? Our comprehensive analysis will help identify potential areas of savings today and throughout your retirement years. 

Click here to contact us today for a free, no-obligation Tax Saving Analysis to learn just how much you might be able to save in taxes each and every year.

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